In Anacrónico, we would suggest hosting your website on our servers.

It’s much easier to manage and maintain as we have central control over all components (domain management, maintenance and hosting).

One of the main advantages of hosting the website with us is to avoid traffic problems. We control the available space on the server and thus, we make sure that websites are hosted in a way that there is always enough free space and bandwidth to avoid saturation.

For maximum security, we also make daily copies of all website content, databases and mail. You gain in security because you have backup copies of all your data and you are guaranteed to recover them quickly even if the event of failure.

General Data Centre Features

Double electrical connection.
Batteries and UPS.
Redundant generator sets.
Room refrigeration.
Environmental control.
Access control.
Fire protection system.
Daily backups.

And also, ISO 27001 certification

One of the most rigorous international PCD standards: security, staff training, monitoring and communication, legal requirements and disaster recovery systems.

Environmental policy

The Data Centre where we offer you to host your website is associated with The Green Grid, an international non-profit consortium that aims to promote energy efficiency strategies in the DPC of the most relevant companies in the sector. Some of the entities attached to this project may be Microsoft, IBM or Cisco, among many others. The fundamental parameters it affects may be as follows:

  • Infrastructure planning based on objective principles of energy efficiency.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of energy efficiency and achievement of the objectives set.
  • Public diffusion of the conclusions of the evaluation reports.


Write or call us and we will discuss your project!

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